Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keeping Busy

We've made great progress on the front yard this week - I didn't realize how much I would appreciate just. getting. started.  Can't wait to have some progress pics for you.

In the meantime, I am going to tackle a couple of other smaller projects.  First up; my bathroom.  This is the one room in the house that has pretty much stayed the same since just after we moved in.  Here are some pictures of it back then:

It's itty bitty, but it works for us, and I've always loved it.  It is full of color and made-over DI finds.   The beadboard was already there when we moved in.  It is the kind of plastic-y stuff and I loved it at first because it was so scrubbable.  But now it is chipping and discolored and because of it's glossy finish, can't be painted.  The walls are starting to look dull and a little damaged, the "tile" on the floor is starting to lift in places, and the mold on the ceiling can no longer be controlled with a casual, passing spray of bleach. Time for an upgrade!  

The only expense I anticipate for this project is some new rugs.  Luckily, Sage has a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake next week, so I can nip into Home Goods for that.

I had James start the demo process in there today, so here is what it actually looks like now.  Ew.

I'm also tackling the great photo mess that exists on my computer.  Let me just say - 10 years of having a digital camera.  No organization, ever.  One big mess.  I'm also liking the idea of smashbooks and may try my hand at one or two.  Now that sounds like a perfect summer.


  1. Let's talk Home Goods....never been.

  2. What is the new color? A lime-y green?

    And Katie. Home Goods is SO awesome.

  3. More Sage than lime.

    Katie, it's basically a whole store of the home section of TJ Maxx

  4. I want some of your creativity to rub off on me... just a little.. well maybe more than just a little. The end. :)

  5. My question is why did we tackle ours on one of the hottest summers we have had, with no air conditioning, in a very long time. Backerboard is HEAVY and nasty to cut. Hope you are making good progress. Love Mom

    1. Just need to hang stuff back up today. And yes, here too, except the A/C part. It broke my resolve not to use our A/C until July....


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